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HB40 Concrete Pump truck

 concrete pump car

HB40 Concrete Pump truck Description

    Pump truck also called concrete pump car, utilizing pressure will concrete along the pipe continuous transmission of the machinery. By the pump body and duct composition. In the form of the structure is divided into living type, extrusion type, water hydraulic diaphragm type. Pump body installed in automobile chassis, another weapon retractable or inflectional BuLiaoGan, composed of pump car.  

   Concrete pump truck in load truck chassis is transformed and become, it is on chassis install a movement and power transmission device, pumping and agitator, cloth device and some other auxiliary devices.  

   Concrete pump truck is the power of the car through the power of the engine power FenDongXiang will send hydraulic pump group or rear axle, pushing a piston pump driven concrete pump work. Then use pump car BuLiaoGan and duct, concrete conveying to a certain height and distance.

HB40 Concrete Pump Truck Technical Parameters

The main technical parameters driving state
Category Project Units Parameters
Chassis Model   FM
Manufacturer   VOLVO
Maximum speed km/h 90.8
Maximum grade ability   34.70%
Minimum diameter conversion m 18.4
Braking distance m ≤ 7
Wheelbase mm 4900 +1370
Track (front / rear) mm 2019/1834
Approach / departure angle 18/10
Minimum ground clearance mm 270
Tires   12.00R20
Engine Model   D13
Output Power kw(r/min) 294/1400 ~ 1800
Maximum torque N.m(r/min) 2000/1050 ~ 1400
Displacement 1 12.8
Exhaust emission standards   State Ⅲ GB Ⅲ
Other Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 11180×2500×3990
Weight kg 32600
Fuel tank capacity 1 410
Hundred kilometers 1/100km 40
The main technical parameters of the job status
Category Project Units Parameters
Theoretical throughput
m3/h 70/140
Pumping concrete pressure
Mpa 11.8/6.38
Number of theoretical pumping
times/min 15/27
Pumping concrete aggregate
Maximum diameter
mm 40
Feeding height mm 1450
Range of pumping concrete slump cm 12-23
Booms Booms up to a high degree of m 39.8
Booms up to the depth of m 27.9
Turning radius booms m 35.8
Booms up to the angle 370
Angle of the first arm extension 90
Angle of the second arm extension 180
Angle of the third arm extension 230
Angle of the fourth arm extension 240 
Angle of the fifth arm extension  。 250 

Total leg span

mm 7800
Across from the front leg mm 8350
Across from the rear leg mm 7200
Other Ingredients in the form   S valve
Lubrication   Automatic lubrication
Control   Manual/Remote
Water tank 1 600
Maximum water pressure pump Mpa 2
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