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Electrical Engine Concrete Pump(HBTS30-08-45)

electrical engine concrete pump

HBTS30-08-45 Concrete Pump Description

  Concrete pump hydraulic system adopt double division open circuits, the system of high efficiency, heat dissipation good, work smoothly. All main pump valve group selection west Germany rexroth original installation import parts, high reliability, imported from Germany, seals joints connecting system layout science reasonable, and not oil. Automatic lubrication system, forced center system filtering and other assembly setting, all lubricating points oil amount on-demand reasonable allocation, gladne maintenance damageable parts. Key electrical components are imported from, PLC programmable control, low voltage control technology, remote control operation, the disk operating arbitrarily choose, safe and reliable. Pumping system with constant power control, pumping speed steplessly adjust, automatic tube jam against pump etc. Function. S-type distributing equipped with floating high hardness wear-resisting rings and hardness alloy glasses board accessories, extremely long service life. The unique system layout, appearance design, so the machine is compact small and exquisite, but the maintenance convenience, operating more comfortable, various parts of disassembly is very convenient.

HBTS30-08-45 Concrete Pump performance Characteristics

1, concrete pump adopt three pump system, hydraulic loop of the operation of the system, not interfere with each other.

2, concrete pump has anti pump function, benefit promptly eliminate tube jam fault, and short outage qa department.

3, concrete pump adopts advanced S tube distributing, it can automatic compensation wear clearance, sealed performance is good.

4, concrete pump is wear-resistant alloy glasses plate and floating cutting ring and long service life.

5, concrete pump long trip, extend the makings of cylinder feeding cylinder piston and service life.

6, concrete pump adopts the optimization design of the suction hopper, easy cleaning, feeding better performance.

7, concrete pump adopts automatic centralized grease lubrication system to guarantee the machine running to obtain the effective lubrication.

8, concrete pump has remote control effect, safe and convenient operation more.

9, concrete pump all the parts adopt gb, interchangeability is good.

HBTS30-08-45 Concrete Pump Technical Parameters

Name of parameters Unit HBTS30—8—45
Max theo. Feeding volume(High/Low) m3/h 72
Max feeding pressure MPa 8
Type of hydraulic system / Open
Type of Power machine / Motor
specification rotating speed r/m 1480
Power kW 45
Model of distribution valve / S valve
Diameter of oil urn mm 100
Diameter of transfer cylinder mm 200
high lowe pressure voltage switch / yes
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank L 460
hopper capacity m3 0.8
Hopper height mm 1280
Dimension(length%×width%×height) mm 5400×1860×1900
Total weight kg 5400
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