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 small diesel engine concrete pump

diesel engine concrete pump

small diesel engine concrete pump description

  Concrete pump hydraulic system adopt double division open circuits, the system of high efficiency, heat dissipation good, work smoothly. All main pump valve group selection west Germany rexroth original installation import parts, high reliability, imported from Germany, seals joints connecting system layout science reasonable, and not oil. Automatic lubrication system, forced center system filtering and other assembly setting, all lubricating points oil amount on-demand reasonable allocation, gladne maintenance damageable parts. Key electrical components are imported from, PLC programmable control, low voltage control technology, remote control operation, the disk operating arbitrarily choose, safe and reliable. Pumping system with constant power control, pumping speed steplessly adjust, automatic tube jam against pump etc. Function. S-type distributing equipped with floating high hardness wear-resisting rings and hardness alloy glasses board accessories, extremely long service life. The unique system layout, appearance design, so the machine is compact small and exquisite, but the maintenance convenience, operating more comfortable, various parts of disassembly is very convenient.

small diesel engine concrete pump performance characteristics

1, diesel engine concrete pump using intelligent control system, automatic regulation diesel engine speed, smooth operation, saving fuel consumption.

2, diesel engine concrete pump adopt constant power variable main punp, give full play to the initiative of efficiency.

3, diesel engine concrete pump adopts advanced S pipe valve structure, float sealing automatic compensation wear clearance, sealing effect is good.

4, glasses plate and cutting ring adopts high hard wear-resisting alloy materials, longer life spans.

5, diesel engine concrete pump outlet pressure is high, can satisfy the high-rise buildings and distance of the construction of the conveying requirements.

6, diesel engine concrete pump hydraulic oil cooling adopted advanced air-cooled heat system, without water, easy to use.

7, diesel engine concrete pump electrical part adopts PLC control, which has the best handling characteristics.

8, diesel engine concrete pump has anti pump function, minimize pipeline jam.

9, diesel engine concrete pump is the electrical box equipped with cable remote control handle, easy operation.

small diesel engine concrete pump technology parameters

Name of parameters HBTS20-8-33  HBTS30-8-46
Theory pumping pressure (Mpa) 8 8
Theory throughput  (m3/h) 18.6 29.4
Maximum transmission distance(m) Level 300 300
Vertical 120 120
Maximum aggregate size (mm) Tube φ76mm 25 25
Tube φ89mm 30 30
Diesel engine power (kw) 33 46
Hopper volume (m3) 0.34 0.34
Stuff upwards height 1000 1000
The hydraulic oil tank capacity(L) 150 180
Diesel box capacity(L) 90 120
Model of distribution valve S valve S valve
Total weight (kg) 2080 2550
Dimension(length%×width%×height) 3900×1600×1950


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